Dear Valued Shareholder,

2021 was truly a remarkable year for TC Federal Bank (TCF). After 87 years of a mutual form of ownership, TCF embarked on a journey to convert to a stock held, publicly traded company. The conversion was met with an unexpected level of enthusiasm from our customer base. The $48.9 million initial public offering (IPO) was completed in July and the new holding company, TC Bancshares (TCBC), began trading on the Nasdaq stock exchange on July 21, 2021. The level of investment by the customer base of TCF was overwhelming.
The team at TCF has a vision to grow our organization by bringing our version of community banking to the places where we live and serve. Organic growth is key to our future success. We will fuel this growth through leveraging our increased capital base, the competency of the outstanding bankers that make up our team and the potential entry into new markets.
From our origins in 1934, we remain committed to the bank’s core vision: To be a high performing financial institution that provides a premium experience, earns trust through servant leadership and enriches the communities where we live and serve. Casting of this vision influences our everyday culture and interactions with stakeholders both internal and external to the organization. As we grow and add additional team members, substantial efforts will continue to be made with each hire to ensure we are able to offer the best of community banking.
The IPO and resulting capital raise during 2021 have laid a solid foundation upon which we will continue to grow our institution. The entire TCF team is excited and working hard every day toward the success of our company.
Thank you for your support,

hands in together

Greg Eiford

President and CEO